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Leg Not As Injured As Feared For "Rampage" – Ibarra To Contest Decision

After a five round battle with Forrest Griffin on Saturday night that ended in a much debated unanimous decision loss for Quinton Jackson, word came from the “Rampage” camp that the leg kicks that many feared had badly injured him had merely bruised his shin. Although the bruise was deep, Jackson is due back in the gym on Monday.

Jackson’s trainer, Juanito Ibarra had this to say when asked about the injury: “After the fight he had a knot the size of a cantaloupe on his shin. I’ve never seen anything like it in all my years in the fight game. It was ugly. The next day it went down. Today, there’s no bump at all. The doctor said he’s fine. It’s a deep bone bruise now.”

The results of the closely contested fight have the MMA world wondering if there’s a better way to score MMA bouts. Ibarra will be contesting the decision to the Nevada State Athletic Commission on the grounds of judges Adalaide Byrd and Roy Silbert scoring the first round 10-9 for Griffin, a round where Jackson scored a knockdown against Forrest with a vicious right uppercut.

Ibarra says, “My grounds (for protest) are the first round — how it was scored. I want them to prove to me how a round is to be scored, per the rules that the judges have to follow, and tell me how they came up with what they came up with. I thought the worst nightmare in the world could have been a draw, but a loss unanimously…I can’t swallow it. I can’t swallow it.”

Many in the MMA community feel an immediate rematch for the two “TUF” coaches is the only answer. Ibarra agrees.

“Why shouldn’t it? Forrest said after the fight he didn’t want to do it again, but he had to, remember? He said that because in his heart he felt he didn’t win that fight. Let the kids heal, and let’s get it on.”

For Ibarra, Jackson, and the fans sake, let’s hope the UFC brass sees it the same way.