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Anderson Silva Will Not Stay At Light Heavyweight

Anderson Silva recently sat down with our good friends over at to discuss a wide variety of issues including; moving up to 205 lbs., the UFC vs. Affliction, possible future opponents and much more. Below are highlights from their conversation:

Silva On Training For Irvin:

The training is good, its being very cool. It’s a new experience. I only train with people above my weight, I’ve always trained that way. We are going to wait and see how is it gonna be, right. Leaving the fight without injuries as always, is good. Then going to see my family is the main point. We made a training programs and physical preparation, we’ve studied and did the physical preparation with capable personal and we are going there to put it to the test against Irvin to see if all of the training methods worked.

Silva On Moving Up To 205:

When I fought on Pride, a 185 weight class didnt existed, only a 205 weight class and I always fought on it. But I didn’t had the same physical quality and technique I have now. It’s an experience we are doing it for many reasons. One of them is as a personal favor for Dana White that I could do this fight and I, alongside all my friends that help me, concluded that it is possible. We will see. I will try to do my job as I always have been dong, independent of the result, and I’m going to test myself to put me to the test and see if I can do it. If the result is positive, then it means all our new experimental training methods worked. Whoever has a mouth, speaks whatever they want. Irvin is right and that’s why everyone has its own weight. I don’t have intention to fight on this category and Im only doing this because they (UFC) asked me and I think I can do it. I don’t intend to fight for this belt, this belt belongs to Lyoto (Machida) and he already proved that. I’m going to fight because I like to fight and because I like challenges.

Anderson Silva On His Rumored Fight With Yushin Okami:

I will not confirm that, but I believe it is possible. He won all the fights he did so far and has earned the right to fight. We are still seeing what is it gonna be. I don’t know how the fight would be, its hard to tell. Its a hard fight, he is very versatile athlete, has many technical qualities and I think it would be a good fight, I would like it a lot (to fight Okami).

Silva On Facing Defeat:

Im not going to be the champion forever, there will be someone to defeat me, obviously, and this makes me stronger so that I keep maintain my positive results. Winning or losing are right there, walking side by side. Ive lost, Ive won, Ive kept on without fear… For me, its not going to be abnormal if I lose. I train to make a good fight. The result is fruit of the work I put in. More people will want to fight for the belt and I have to keep well trained.

Silva On Fight Night 14 vs. Affliction:

I don’t believe it to be an event dispute, I think that it is a way to show that the sport is growing.. The UFC doesn’t dispute with other events. The UFC is the biggest event in the world and there is no dispute. Unfortunately the other events are on the same date. The UFC is going to appear on free television though which is very important for us and the fans.

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