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Dana Refuses Commission Recomendations, Has New Enemy

The Association of Boxing Commissions recently announced changes to the unified rules of mixed martial arts (Click here to view details of the new rules and regulations).

According to Dave Meltzer, Dana White is upset about the commissions recommendations and anticipates a confrontation with the commission.

“There’s going to be a fight,” said White told Meltzer. “And you know I don’t roll over easily.”

White added that the UFC has absolutely no intention of changing or adding to their current weight class structure.

“No, we’re not following that,” said White.

Promotions are in charge of implementing whatever weight classes they choose and individual state athletic commissions have the final say on rules so the ABC’s proclamations are merely suggestions, however, adopting unified rules has helped legitimize the sport in the eyes of state legislatures and is largely responsible for it’s legalization in many states. As such, the UFC must tread lightly and pick it’s battles with the commission. One such battle appears to be with former famed UFC referee “Big” John McCarthy, who spoke at the commission meetings.

“It’s John McCarthy,” White said. “He doesn’t want to be a referee anymore, now he wants to change the rules. And he’s announcing for Affliction.”

White is referring to the upcoming Affliction show that he’s committed to counter programing on July 19. McCarthy, who retired from refereeing late last year to join The Fight Network, was recently announced as a ring side commentator and interviewer for Afflictions broadcast team.