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Forrest Griffin Rampage Jackson II?

In the aftermath of the main event match up at UFC 86 between Forrest Griffin and Rampage Jackson, Jackson, who just dropped a unanimous decision to Griffin appeared very gracious in defeat, telling UFC announcer Joe Rogan that Griffin “just whooped my ass.”

Then, during the post fight press conference, Jackson appeared to have a change of heart.

“I feel like I won the fight,” said Jackson. “When I think about it, and my cornermen and other people who watched it, they thought he won the second and maybe the last round. And I won the rest.”

To that end, Juanito Ibarra, Jackson’s coach, revealed yesterday that he plans on protesting this weekends decision and said that an immediate rematch is in the works.

“We got robbed,” Ibarra told Sunday afternoon. “We won the majority of the fight. You have to beat the champion. I got it. I’m not waiting. Next fight. I asked for it, immediately, in the cage, and Forrest agreed. The rematch is going to go like I first thought. Forrest is going to try to do more, and next time he’s gonna get beat.”

Beside earning a decision victory over Rampage Jackson, Forrest Griffin earned respect from the former champion who didn’t think that Griffin would make it out of three rounds with him.

“I didn’t want to leave it up to the judges,” Jackson said. “But you know what? I didn’t think Forrest could hang with me. I said if Forrest gets past the third round, he’ll gain my respect and I respect him. And if I ever fight him again, I’m gonna respect the hell out of him with my right hand.”