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Jesse Taylor vs. C.B. Dalloway at UFN 14

It turns out that the UFC has softened it’s stance on original Ultimate Fighter finalist Jesse Taylor. According to, Taylor will face runner up C.B. Dalloway at Ultimate Fight Night 14 on July 19th at The Palms in Las Vegas, NV.

This will come as quite a shock to fans of the reality show who saw Taylor blow his earned shot at the finale by going on what can only be considered a drunken rampage. While staying a few extra days after filming for the show ended, he admittidly drank a bit too much and not only kicked out the window of the limousine he was in, but he then went on to “terrorize” a few women at the Zuffa owned hotel he was staying at and punch/kick a slot machine. When confronted he reportedly taunted security by saying “Don’t you know who I am? I’m a UFC fighter!”. Later, Dana White personally excused Taylor from the shows final fight and stated that Taylor would never be a UFC fighter.

Since his expulsion from the show, Taylor has been very open about joining AA and continuing onto a path of sobriety. One can only assume that his personal progress is what prompted White to change his stance and allow Taylor to fight in the UFC again.

Of course, a bout against C.B. Dalloway might not be the best way to welcome him back.

A highly touted Arizona State wrestler, Dalloway was expected by most to come out as the overall victor only to fall short due to an armbar by Amir Sadollah. After Taylor was excused from the show, Dalloway earned another shot at the finale by a close decisoon again his fellow eliminated castmate, Tim Credeur, only to fall victim to another armbar from Sadollah.

Dalloway will surely be looking to make an impact during his first fight after the show while Taylor will be coming in eager to make up for past discretions – Expect fireworks.