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Karo Parisyan Sits Down With The Boys From "The Lights Out Show"

Karo Parisyan recently sat down with our radio partners over at Tagg Radio’s “The Lights Out Show” with Chris Fries and The JDH. Below are some of the highlights from their interview with The Heat:

Parisyan Discusses His New Book “Judo For Mixed Martial Arts”:

“If I’m fighting you on the street and dump you on your head, I’m going to pop open your head and you’ll be dead…I’ve had opponents before when I’ve seen the peeing blood from kidney damage after I threw them a few times.”

Parisyan On His Confrontation With Nate Diaz On The Ultimate Fighter 5:

“I wouldn’t have to punch [him]. I would slap him…I was very close to taking his head off because of his attitude…Do you (Nate) know what I’m capable of on the street?!…Eventually one day something’s going to happen, because I can’t handle that kid anymore.”

Parisyan On The Possibility Of Changing Weight Classes:

”No I haven’t thought about going up or down, what I have thought about was actually getting in shape for a fight. I’m not partying with the girls so much and I’m starting to really train for the fights.”

Karo goes on to describe, in detail, the many ways he can maim his opponent. You won’t want to miss this interview. Our “Censor” button was working overtime!

Also in this volume of Tagg Radio’s The Lights Out Show, Chris Fries and The JDH discuss the following MMA topics:

VOLUME 135 (Released first 7/1 on Now archived for you here.)

– Strikeforce: Melendez vs Thomson Full Fight Card Results

– Shamrock: The Next Generation

– Chris Leben: Out of Jail and on the
Main Card

– Machida wanted Vera. Vera…not so much

– Cung Le’s next fight!

– Who Antonio Silva is NOT fighting

– Drew Fickett gets a whole new fight on
his hands

– Jesse Taylor is not down for the count

– Interview with UFC welterweight, Karo “The Heat” Parisyan

…and much, much more!

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