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Thales Leites On Nate Marquardt: "Is this guy kidding?"

Thales Leites is coming off of a very controversial decision win over Nate Marquardt, who appeared to do enough to win the contest, at UFC 85. Marquardt, who has since called for a rematch, was deducted two points during the fight with one of those deductions later declared unfair by none other than referee Herb Dean, the man who levied the penalties against Marquardt during the fight.

Leites, for his part, believes that the point deductions were warranted and that it was on Marquardt to knock him out after fouling him.

“To me, rematching Marquardt is out of the question. If he wants it, then he can get back in line. He kept saying he wanted to fight me again, but I watched the fight and asked to myself: ‘Is this guy kidding?’ He had the obligation to knock me out. I was totally groggy and I only kept going because I thought I could get disqualified. Besides the knee strike, he did other illegal things. If one Day the UFC wants to pit me against him again, I’ll fight him. But if it were my choice, then he would get back to the end of the line.”