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Melvin Guillard Ready To Give The UFC Another Shot

Melvin Guillard (39-8-3) left the UFC to recover his confidence and get away from the limelight after it appeared that his career was pulling off course. Guillard, who had once reeled off 22 straight wins, had lost two in a row and four of his seven fights in the UFC and that mixed with a positive test for cocaine ensured his release from the organization. Guillard, however, tells that his personal issues are a thing of the past and he’s ready to make a strong push towards a title.

Guillard On His Recent Two Fight Losing Streak:

“My last two fights had affected me badly. My dad had just died, so my mind wasn’t really into fighting and my heart wasn’t there but I want it to be there. Now I’m back and I’m ready. I’m training hard and I’m taking a lot of ass kickings at practice and I’m giving them too, so y’all definitely going to be ready to see the Young Assassin. It was definitely a life lesson learned. It was me again being young and hanging out in that crowd. I had too many of the wrong people around me wanting to be my friend because of who I was. Now I’m over that and I no longer have those former friends. Now I just have my teammates and Saul (Soliz) and the guys that I need around me to become a champion.”

Guillard On His Personal Grudge Match With Rich Clementi, His Last Loss In The UFC:

“Rich was just jealous because when I started fighting in FFC in the Gulf Coast I became one of the hometown favorites and he wasn’t the best anymore and he took it personal and he just created this attitude towards me. He didn’t like me because I was a young up and coming fighter. The loss I got from him I can’t base that and say that Rich is a better fighter than me because technically we got in a street fight and technically I beat the s**t out of him. But now I’m over that, I’m more mature now, I don’t care. I just want to get better and get my rematch inside the ring and I’m going to leave it like that.”

Guillard On The State Of The UFC’s Lightweight Division:

“Right now it’s tough. You got guys like Spencer Fisher, Frankie Edgar, I can name so many. You even got Rich in there. It gets tougher and you just got to train harder, but right now I’m going to give it a shot and try to become UFC champion. But for future reference, if that doesn’t work and I don’t feel that I’m going to be a champion in the UFC then switch me over to the WEC because its about being a champion and I want to go somewhere where I can be a champion right now. I’m not going to be naive and a hypocrite but I don’t see myself beating BJ Penn right now, he’s a top guy. Anybody under him, yeah, I can go head to head with and I could give it a shot, but I’m not going to sit here and say that my skills are good enough to beat BJ Penn right now because his ground game is way off the charts. Guys like (WEC lightweight champion) Jamie Varner and (Rob) McCullough and guys like that – those guys are tailor made for me to fight. I’m gonna give it a shot and give it a run, but if I fall short again, I’ll be looking forward to moving somewhere else so I can become a champion. I just want to be a legend in the sport, I want to be a champion, and I want to be a hall of famer. It ain’t about the money to me anymore. Fighting to live, fighting to survive, it ain’t about that anymore. Now it’s about just having fun, and right now I just need to get back to having fun and winning fights.”

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