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StrikeForce 10 Results

Welcome to our live coverage of Strikeforce 10: Melendez vs. Thompson.

Due to travel problems I missed the first few fights, but here are quick results for them:

Alexander Trivino defeated Eric Jacob in the first round via submission.

Jorge Interiano defeated Travis Johnson via doctor stoppage at the end of Round 2.

Cyrillo Padhillo beat Jesse Jones via decision at the end of Round 3.

Bryan Caraway vs. Alvin Cacdac
Round 1: Caraway took down Cacdac early and was trying to hook in a rear naked choke. He got the choke 90 seconds in the first round and cicnhed it in, and Herb Dean stopped the fight in 1:39 in the first round for the victory.

Winner via submission via rear naked choke: Bryan Caraway

Main Card:

Bobby Stack vs. Jose Palacios
Round 1: Palacios hit Stack with a hard right early, knocking out Stack’s mouthpiece. After he got a break to put it back in, the two traded blows before going to the ground, with Stack mounting Palacios. Stack threw some punches from the top, but nothing too effective. I’d score it 10-9 for Stack.

Round 2: Stack took Palacios down to the ground early again. Stack maintained control, hitting sporadic punches but nothing too damaging. With 30 seconds in the round, Palacios was able to turn it around and get on top, but didn’t get much offense in before the round ended. Closer round, but still 10-9 for Stack.

Round 3: Stack went for the takedown early again and manages to take Palacios again. Stack again mounted Palacios and landed a few punches. Stack tried to ground and pound, but Palacios managed to reverse with 40 seconds left in the round, but Stack was back on top again. 10-9 again for Stack.

Winner: All three judges score the fight 29-28 for Bobby Stack

Anthony Figueroa vs. Chris Cariaso
Round 1: Cariaso took Figueroa down early and started laying in with punches. Cariaso dominated the round from the top. He got side mount and was dropping punches and elbows for much of the around. Wit just a little time in the round, Figueroa was able to get up and hit Cariaso with a big knee to the face. 10-9 round for Cariaso.

Round 2: Cariaso took Figueroa down early in the round and controlled him from the top for most of the round. Cariaso dominated the round from the top before securing a rear naked choke and the submission.

Winner: Cariaso via submission (rear naked choke)

Jeremiah Metcalf vs. Raymond “The Real Deal” Daniels
Round 1: Metcalf took Daniels to the cage and took Daniels down. Daniels looked like he was about to get Metcalf to submit in a guillotine, but Metcalf powered out and was able to take the fight back to the ground and get on top. Metcalf mounted Daniels and started to ground and pound and it looked like it was almost over, but Daniels got saved by the bell. 10-9 for Metcalf.

Round 2: Metcalf landed a right and took Daniels to the ground again. Metcalf was able to mount Daniels again, and landed a few blows. Daniels was able to escape but Metcalf was able to get a rear naked choke and the submission victory.

Winner via submission with a rear naked choke in Round 2: Jeremiah Metcalf

Miesha Tate vs. Elaina Maxwell
Round 1: Tate took Maxwell down early. Tate mounted Maxwell and was able to drop some good shots in. Tate was able to get Maxwell’s arm, but Maxwell in turn scissored Tate’s head. Tate was able to get out, and almost got the arm bar as the buzzer went off to end the round. 10-9 for Tate.

Round 2: Tate went to the ground again, and was able to mount her. Tate went for ground and piund and got a few shots in. Maxwell was able to get Tate in a head scissors, but Tate was able to power out to end the round. 10-9 Tate.

Round 3: Tate came out swinging and clinched Maxwell against the cage. The referee separated them, but Maxwell was able to get behind Tate and was going for a kimora, but Tate was able to block to finish the round. 10-9 Tate.

Winner: Miesha Tate via unanimous decision (all three judges scored it 29-28)

World Light Heavyweight Title
Bobby Southworth vs. Anthony “El Toro” Ruiz

Round 1: Southworth took Ruiz down early. Ruiz was eventually able to reverse it and get on top and throw some wild punches which didn’t connect. They got up to their feat and clinched up against the cage. Southworth was able to get Ruiz back to the ground. Ruiz was trying to power out and Southworth went for Ruiz’s arm as the round came to a close. 10-9 for Southworth.

Round 2: Ruiz took Southworth to the ground. Ruiz was on top for awhile, Southworth was later able to reverse it but neither inflicted much damage. Southworth looked like he was going for a triangle but couldn’t cinch it in and ended up back on top of Ruiz to end the round. 10-9 for Ruiz.

Round 3: Ruiz came out swinging and took Southworth to the ground. The crowd started getting impatient with the lack of action while they were on the ground. They got back up to their feet and locked up against the cage. They were back to the ground with Southworth back on top, but again they weren’t doing much. Ruiz ended up back on top and landed a couple of punches. Both guys look pretty gassed at this point. Ruiz had Southworth on the ground again, Southworth got back on top to end the round. 10-9 for Ruiz.

Round 4: The two came out swinging before Ruiz took Southworth to the cage and then they went to the ground with Southworth on top. They ended up back against the cage. Both were too tired to do any damage. At one point Southworth went for a kimora but Ruiz got out of it. Southworth continued to try and take the arm. The round finished with Southworth on top. 10-9 Southworth.

Round 5: Southworth and Ruiz started swinging before Ruiz was able to take Southworth to the ground again and had him in a front facelock. Southworth was able to gain control and stayed on top before they ended up back on their feet. And then back to the ground. Again. The rounded ended with Southworth on top. 10-9 Southworth.

Winner via unanimous decision: Bobby Southworth (Scores were 48-47,49-46,50-45)

The announced attendance was 7,488.

Billy Evengelista vs. Nam Phan
Round 1: The two started out trading punches before Evengelista took Phan to the ground. Evengelista landed some good punches and dominated the round on top. Evengelista continued to hammer away and control the ground. I’d score it 10-8 for Evengelista.

Round 2: Phan and Evengelista started trading blows and Phan got a couple that stunned Evengelista. Plan also hit a good knee to the face and kept swinging before Phan got Evengelista in a clinch against the cage. Phan’s looking much better this round. Evengelista managed to take Phan to the ground but Phan was able to get the fight back to their feet and drop some elbows on Evengelista. Evengelista was busted open in the back of his head, but managed to take Phan down. 10-9 Phan.

Round 3: They were back at exchanging punches before Phan stuffed a take down attempt from Evengelista. They Phan’s landing some good blows and Evengelista’s mouthpiece almost got knocked out of his mouth again. Evengelista was looking woozy, but managed to shake it off and take Phan down. After spending a little bit on the ground, Herb Dean stood them back up. Phan started hitting some good punches and kicks and Evengelista tried to take Phan down again but was stuffed. They finished the fight standing. 10-9 Phan.

Winner via split decision: Evengelista on scores of 29-28 Phan, 29-28 Evangelista, 29-28 Evengelista)

World Lightweight Title
Josh “The Punk” Thompson vs. Gilbert “El Nino” Melendez

Round 1: Thompson got Melendez to the ground early and controlled his position. Thompson stayed on top for the majority of the round. With 90 seconds left in the round, Melendez scrambled up but Thompson connected with a punch and a knee. They exchanged a few strikes as the round came to an end. 10-9 Thompson.

Round 2: The round opened with a heated exchange of punches and kicks before they clinched up against the cage. The fight stayed standing and they ended up back in the middle of the cage exchanging blows. Thompson hit Melendez with a hard knee and Melendez landed a few punches on Thompson. Thompson took Melendez down to finish the round. A great round almost completely standing, with Thompson getting the better of it. 10-9 Thompson.

Round 3: Thompson started nailing Melendez early in the round with punches and kicks. Melendez managed to fight out of it and nailed Thompson with some punches of his own. Thompson almost got a rear naked choke at the end of the round, but he slid off of Melendez as the round ended. Another great round. 10-9 Thompson

Round 4: The pace slowed down a little as both men were looking for an opening. As the round went on they started connecting more, with Melendez visibly shaken from some of Thompson’s punches. With a minute left in the round, Thompson took Melendez to the ground and got his back but Melendez broke free. Thompson got Melendez back down and got a rear naked choke, but couldn’t put Melendez away. Another great round, 10-9 for Thompson.

Round 5: Thompson got a takedown early in the round. He tried to get Melendez’s back but Melendez got out and they were back to their feet. The pace these guys have kept has been incredible, reminiscent of Pulver – Faber a few weeks ago. Thompson nailed Melendez with some big knees and a big kick towards the end of the round. Melendez went to swing at Thompson as the round came to a close. Another great round for a great fight, a closer round than the others, but I still score it 10-9 Thompson.

Winner and new Strikeforce Lightweight Champion: Josh Thompson via unanimous decision, with all three judges scoring it 50-45.

The arena is emptying out but there is one more fight to go.

Jesse Gillespie vs. Eric Lawson
Round 1: Gillespie hurt his finger within seconds of the fight starting and the doctor at ringside ok’d it. After getting the doctor’s ok, Lawson took Gillespie to the ground and took his back, clinched in a rear naked choke and Gillespie tapped.

Winner via submission in Round 1 with a rear naked choke: Eric Lawson