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Reports Of Gary Shaw’s Demise Appear Greatly Exaggerated

Following up on a report, posted by the good folks over at MMAPayout, , sought to clarify the role of Gary Shaw within the EliteXC organization with EliteXC VP Jared Shaw. Jared Shaw denied reports that his father Gary Shaw was being pushed out of EliteXC, as had been reported.

“Gary is still completely part of this company,” said Jared Shaw. “He’s gonna be taking a step back from the public eye and it has nothing to do with the erroneous reports out there that it has to do with the CBS people or the Santa Mona Capital people. The CBS officials are great people. They’re excellent at their jobs and even better when it comes to letting us be great at our jobs. With Gary, this has everything to do with a blossoming boxing company and just spending more time with his wife and his grandchildren as they get older.”

Jared Shaw points to erroneous reports and unnamed sources as being part of the problem.

“People, if they just read the internet and other reporters who branch off of sources that don’t have a named quote, then they’re just rumors and have nothing to do with the reality of the situation. Unless you hear it from the horses mouth it doesn’t come from the horse.”