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Exclusive: Shaw Responds To Jeff Monson Calling Out Kimbo Slice

Doing his best Brett Rogers impersonation, Jeff Monson recently released a video calling out Kimbo Slice. Monson decided to go the video route because as he put it, “I know the (explitive) doesn’t read.”

During the video tirade, Monson called on EliteXC President Gary Shaw to make the match up between he and Kimbo; today the younger Shaw, EliteXC Vice President and matchmaker Jared Shaw responds:

“Get some wins and then maybe we’ll put him in line down the road to face Kimbo,” said Shaw to “If we fought every person that’s called out Kimbo or that wants to fight Kimbo we’d be fighting everybody from a 3rd grader in Duluth to a 65 year old in Boca Raton. So take a number, get in line and get some wins; then we’ll talk.”

It seems that Monson, who is 2-3 in his past five fights, was trying to follow the trail blazed by Brett Rogers who successfully lobbied to face Kimbo through insulting him personally at a post fight press conference and posting an open letter, further attempting to humiliate Kimbo.

The move paid off for Rogers as the undefeated prospect is now set to face Kimbo on the third CBS show, tentatively scheduled for this October. Other strong possibilities for that show include a rematch between KJ Noons and Nick Diaz should Diaz make it past ground specialist Thomas Denny on July 26.