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Exclusive: Nick Diaz Pulled From DREAM.5 – Big Things In Store At EliteXC

EliteXC has decided to nix the upcoming DREAM.5 match up between Nick Diaz and Mach Sakurai. The feeling from the organization is that Diaz is an important part of their future and big things are in the works for Diaz over the next few months.

“EliteXC has some really big plans for Nick Diaz and having him fight for DREAM is something we’re open to anytime, but right now…there’s some big things coming in the next few months for Nick with EliteXC.

Diaz is also coming off of three fights in the past six months, not to mention light reconstructive surgery to repair scar tissue above his eyes and the organization doesn’t want to overtax the popular fighter.

“These upcoming months are some real telling months for Nick and Nick just came of the injury in his fight with (Noons),” said Shaw.

EliteXC executives want Diaz fresh for the next few months with a likely rematch between K.J. Noon’s looming and other potential big fights at 160 – Eddie Alvarez being a possibility.

“There’s some interesting things out there for Nick right now with Elite; some big things being discussed. You’ve got KJ Noons, Eddie Alvarez and the rest of the 160 pound division.”