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Jesse Taylor Makes No Excuses

TUF 7 Finalist Jesse Taylor appeared in an exclusive Spike TV interview to discuss his ousting from the Finale after an alcohol-filled binge which saw Taylor kick out the window of a Limousine, accost a couple of woman and get aggressive with hotel security. Taylor, for his part made no excuses for his behavior.

“I was just pretty much out of control,” said Taylor. “I’m not going to sit here and make excuses. “I know what I did,” Taylor said. “I know how bad I [expletive] up. It’s a horrible feeling. I hope no one has to go through what I went through.”

Taylor went on to explain that he has had issues with alcoholism in the past and that his behavior was not due to a celebration that just went a little too far.

“The impression I think that a lot of people might think is that I was so excited that I went crazy,” said Taylor. “That’s not the case. Most of it just has to do with I just — when I start drinking sometimes — I drink a little too much. That’s been a downfall for me before. I started drinking, started thinking about how good things are and just kept drinking and drinking. I just spiraled out of control.”

Taylor has vowed to cut alcohol out of his life for good due to this event and the hope that he may get another shot at fighting in the UFC.

“I just want another chance. We’re all human. What I did was crazy and out of control, and the only excuse I have is that I made a horrible mistake. And honestly, drinking is cut out of my life due to this.”

Dana White did express a certain willingness to bring Taylor back to the UFC on the season finale telling Taylor “go home, get your (explitive) life together, (explitive) call me in a few months, alright?”

Given Taylor’s story and popularity it is highly unlikely that we’ve seen the last of Taylor. Expect the UFC to bring Taylor back, after a probationary period, sometime this year.