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CB Dolloway On Rampage: "He’s still got a lot of learning to do as a coach."

TUF 7 alum, CB Dollaway will face Amir Sadollah at The Ultimate Finale Live this Saturday. Our friends over at recently sat down with Dollaway and got his thoughts on a variety of topics including; his first fight with Amir Sadollah, his thoughts on fellow castmember and resident omega male, Jeremy May and much much more. Below are some of the highlights from their conversation:

Dollaway On His First Fight With Amir Sadollah:

I think conditioning came into play. We’d been fighting two-round fights previously, and it kind of slipped my mind that it was gonna be a three-round fight. Towards the end of the third round I was just exhausted, and I got sloppy. I wasn’t doing things right, and he was. He kept his composure and caught me in that armbar. I definitely think I was controlling the whole fight, and I believe I was ahead on the scorecards, but you have that mental lapse for a minute and the other guy capitalizes on it.

Dollaway On Fellow Cast Member Jeremy May:

I was one of the guys who kind of held out on thinking he was a prick — he was still on my team so I thought I’d give the guy a chance. But some of things he said and did would blow your mind, and there’s certain things he did that they didn’t even show. One time, he told Dante he was tooling me in sparring — the only time we ever sparred, I kicked him in the leg a few times and he never practiced again, the whole show. So he tells Dante that, and then they asked me about it in the confessional, and I went off. He gets called in there, and then he comes up and he’s like “Did I get drunk and say I was kicking your ass in sparring? Because that never happened.” And I was like “Yeah, I fuckin’ know.”

Dollaway On Rampage As A Coach:

How would you rate Rampage as a coach?
I think he’s still got a lot of learning to do as a coach. I don’t know if he was taking it as seriously as Forrest was. Forrest had been there before. His experience on The Ultimate Fighter helped out a lot, and he brought in a much larger coaching staff, which helped give guys more individual time with coaches. We just had Rampage, Juanito [Ibarra] and Zach [Light], and Forrest had like six coaches on his team. Rampage is definitely a successful fighter, but it’s just something that was new to him.

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