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Bas Rutten Talks IFL, Kimbo And BJ Penn

Legendary fighter and trainer Bas Rutten recently sat down with to discuss a variety of topics, including his thoughts on Kimbo Slice, BJ Penn and the IFL. Below are some of the highlights of that conversation.

Bas On The IFL:

It’s shaky, right? I mean everybody can see it. We’re an open book because we’re a public company and it’s not going that good. But we have a strong fighter’s base, I think everything looks good. I think the shows that we have, especially the last two shows were all good, especially the last show was really good so that’s not the problem. We thought that CBS was going to help us. We kind of had high hope from EliteXC, then the show was great and everybody watched but the press afterwards kind of killed it. They started talking bad about it which was very weird to me. We were hoping more companies would say, more big TV stations were gonna say ‘Hey listen, we want Mixed Martial Arts’. And with the IFL being in a ring, and with the elbows out, a little bit more suitable for TV and for a larger audience, because of that I thought we were going to do good. We didn’t hear anything yet but you know, you never know, we’re still in the running.

Bas On BJ Penn:

I think the most talented guy on the planet I think would really be BJ Penn. I mean he blew me away with his boxing skills finally. I literally believed that you know when he trained three years Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, he had a black belt and he went to Brazil and he won the world championship right? I think that if he trained like six months or a year he’s gonna become the world champion boxing in his weight class. He’s that good, that talented.

Bas On Kimbo Slice:

Take into consideration, if you really look at the thing with Kimbo, the whole fight what happened, just think about it as somebody who had three fights and then you will totally look differently at the person. People say “Oh Bas, he lost a lot of credibility in putting himself involved with Kimbo Slice”. I don’t think… Absolutely not. I think he’s one of the most talented fighters I ever had. The things, the way he escaped in the first round, some escapes he did. Tried one escape, didn’t work and right away go to a backdoor escape. Those are things that pros who have been fighting over twenty fights still don’t make. And when you see pictures, how relaxed he is when punches, his face is totally calm. I see a great future for Kimbo as long as he stays away from the injuries.