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Big Nog Talks TUF

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira recently took time out from the taping of Spike’s newest edition of their reality TV hit “The Ultimate Fighter”, to sit down with Gracie Mag to speak about a variety of topics including his budding rivalry with fellow coach Frank Mir.

“The mood of rivalry between us is getting strong,” Nogueria told “We see each other here all the time, and I’ve known his game for awhile. Ever since he submitted Roberto Traven at the UFC, in 2001, he’s been known. But you’ll see: I’m going to be all over him standing, I’m better than him both standing and on the ground. In the fight with Sylvia the way to the win was clearly on the ground, but against Mir I’m going to show more of what I’m capable of to the world and my fans. I’ll always respect him as an adversary, of course. Even more so since he’s trained with Demian Maia and Robert Drysdale.”

Noguiera also expounded on his time spent coaching and participating in TUF 8.

“Here all is well, it’s well worth it – and not just for the folks who get to watch what we do here in the USA. The training here is going strong, there are a lot of good kids here in my team who help me train, And my brother Rogerio [Minotoro] gets here in two weeks. And I’m testing myself a lot as a coach, and brushing up on my English. I can’t say anymore about it, because the penalty is high according to the contract. Really high!”