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Nick Diaz Responds To KJ Noons’ Father: "When he’s that drunk he should stay at home."

Nick Diaz and JK Noons were both victorious in their fights against Muhsin Corbbrey and Yves Edwards respectively, but the two fighters made more news perhaps for the melee that transpired after the both had finished competing for the night.

Nick Diaz, who lost a fight to Noons last November due to a stoppage from cuts, was allowed to enter the ring and formally challenge Noons to a rematch. Some shouting from both camps ensued and the confrontation ended with punches being thrown and security stepping in to break up the conflict.

KJ Noons was accompanied in the cage by his father and former boxer Carl Noons who explained the situation in more detail.

“We were just enjoying the moment,” Carl Noons told “I heard Nick in the left-hand corner trying to push into the interview and try to dis. I retorted back that, you know, that’s uncool and back and forth, and next thing I know [Nate Diaz] throws a bottle at me after throwing his middle fingers. And then pushing from them came and then I just chased him on the ring, hit him, and then I came back in and grabbed Nick. Bottom line is, major disrespect. [It was] the last thing I ever thought would happen, you know, after my son winning a great fight. Bottom line is, on record, those Diaz brothers are just punks from Stockton and they’ve got no respect. They’re just punks, and I hope we don’t see them out tonight.”

Nick Diaz seemed to see things a bit differently.

“I was there to hype up the rematch when KJ’s dad tried to attack us,” Diaz told I think that when he’s that drunk he should stay at home and watch the fights from his couch.”