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Is White’s "big announcement" a July 19th event?

Is White’s “big announcement” a July 19 show?

Dana White, who has seemingly flip flopped on having a “big announcement” on Tuesday could be ready to spill the secret about a possible July 19th event that would show live for free on SpikeTV, reports

According to their sources, both Brandon Vera and Wanderlei Silva have been approached to fight, possibly against each other. After a second loss in a row for Vera, a drop to what many consider to be his optimal weight class might not be a bad idea. Not to mention that a win over such a big name at 205 would be an excellent way to serve notice to the entire division. As for Silva, a strong win over Vera would certainly reestablish his place as a title contender following the brutal 36 second KO of rising 205 pound star, Keith Jardine.

There’s also the fact that a free show on basic cable with big name fighters like these two, as well as highly touted newcomer Cain Velesquez, rumored to compete would certainly put a squeeze on the viewers of the Affliction event showing on the same night. While the UFC has often stated that it relies on smaller and/or newer promotions to build the future UFC talent (a somewhat egotistical viewpoint, although not entirely untrue), a “suprise” event on the inaugural Affliction event would almost certainly be a strike at what they consider competition.

And a good, solid strike at that.