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Leitas Responds To Marquardt’s Request For A Rematch

Nate Marquardt lost to Thales Leites at UFC 85 according to the scorecards, but many fans and ringside observers felt that Marquardt, who was deducted two points during the course of the fight, was unjustly victimized by at least one of the point deductions, which, in essence, sent Marquardt home with a loss.

Among observers who believe that referee Herb Dean ruled unfairly in removing the second point from Marquardt? Try referee Herb Dean according to Marquardt.

“Joe Rogan told me that he pulled Herb Dean aside after the fight to watch the replay from several angles,” Marquardt stated in his MMAWeekly Fight Journal Joe said that even Herb Dean believed it was not an illegal elbow when he watched.”

Marquardt goes on to explain the “illegal” elbow in question and wasted no time in calling for a rematch.

“The second point deduction was bad in my opinion,” said Marquardt. “Thales had a single leg and his head was facing down. My elbow came at a horizontal angle and hit him in the side of the head, not the back (of the head). I haven’t seen the fight yet, but from what I remember and from what I hear, I won the fight hands down, but lost on a technicality. It would be great if I could get a rematch with him to settle the controversy. I know if I was him, I would not be happy with winning a fight in that fashion.

Thales Leitas, for his part, appears uninterested in revealed a”>settling any of the controversy surrounding his fight with Marquardt in the cage, adding that he fought the fight with a fractured hand and that, due to the illegal blows, Marquardt should have been disqualified.

“After the knee, he still gave me an illegal elbow in the head and then a body slam,” Leites told Tateme. “He made three or four illegal things and was not disqualified. He wants a rematch, but I think he had an obligation to knock me out after that knee he gave.”