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Tyson Griffin Responds To Nate Diaz’s Challenge

Tyson Griffin recently appeared on Tagg Radio to discuss his upcoming opponent, Marcus Aurelio, training with Takanori Gomi as well as a possible feud with the Diaz brothers. Below are highlights of the interview:

Griffin On Fighting Aurelio:

“I am completely comfortable in the jiu-jitsu game as far as MMA. When you mix punching in, it takes submissions to a different style. There are a lot of submissions you can’t really do or go for because you are going to put your head in a position where you are going to get punched. In MMA I am comfortable against anybody, whether they are a black belt, brown belt, whatever.”

Griffin On Training With Gomi:

“That’s the cool thing about being in Vegas. There are tons of fighters who come in and out of the city. Gomi came in for two days and was training with us. It went great. (Later) he asked me to take a picture, and when the camera snapped, he [jokingly] whispered ‘future fight?'”

Griffin On The Diaz Brother’s And Leaving Cesar Gracie For Xtreme Couture:

“I did leave a team, but it wasn’t that team that I was with for a long time. I was affiliated with them, yes, but I wasn’t training with them everyday like I was with NorCal Fighting Alliance. I don’t have any animosity toward (the Diaz brothers). That’s all them, and they’re probably just trying to promote and get a fight going.

Griffin On Nate Diaz’s Challenge To Fight:

“I don’t really see a reason to fight him. Just talking crap is not a reason for me to fight somebody. [Maybe] if his career grows … but if he isn’t (ranked) above me, I don’t see a reason to fight him. I want to keep moving myself up in the rankings and keep improving my stock as a fighter. I am just going to keep doing my thing and keep fighting bigger name opponents.”

For the full interview, click here, and download Friday’s edition of TAGG Radio.