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Dana White Denies 200 Million Dollar Agreement With Mayweather

Carmichael Dave, who hosts a Sacramento sports radio show on KHTK 1140, is reporting that Dana White has flatly denied rumors that he’s close to signing Floyd Mayweather Jr. for 200 million dollars. Below is the content of a text message sent to Carmichael Dave from Dana White:

LMFAO! Neeeeevver! I have been in london and just landed in NYC! If I was gonna pay 200 million (dollars), it would be to mixed martial artists who fight their f*****’ asses off, not a bunch of pussy boxers that don’t f*****’ fight. And you can quote me on that.

The quote states that Dana White will not sign Mayweather for 200 million dollars, but it in no way should be offered up as proof that the two men haven’t discussed a potential contract as we first reported here.

Judging from his response perhaps the two sides were unable to come to an agreement or maybe Dana White is just playing coy. It’s difficult to say at this point, but we should here an official announcement from the UFC by Thursday.