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TUF 7 "Episode 10"— Recap

Sorry folks for getting this recap out so late, but for me this work-week was like Royce Gracie/Ken Shamrock II, never-ending.

Episode 10 of “The Ultimate Fighter” opens with highlights of last week’s exciting Matt Brown/Amir Sadollah slugfest. We get to see and hear the other fighters’ reactions during that fight— a lot of oohs and ahhhs and holy *hits. Matt Riddle talks about his jaw dropping, but as usual doesn’t add much useful insight in to the fight.

In fact, Riddle seems willing to try anything to stay relevant to the show. For the fourth episode in a row Matt Riddle’s changed hair colors. This week’s Doo- devil red. Way to make your face-time count Matt!

We also see Jeremy May acting like a petulant punk once again. After Brown’s hard fought battle, while recovering after a devastating loss, May decides it’s time to make Brown feel worse.

Instead of congratulating Brown or consoling him, he tells Brown of his wish for a rematch. He goes on and on about how he wished he had attempted a choke-hold like Amir did when Brown was pummeling him. May in pure punk form is relishing Brown’s defeat.

So, before we get to the final two quarterfinal matches: CB Dollaway vs Cale Yarbrough and Tim Credeur vs Dan Cramer- it seems Spike has some more Jeremy May drama in store for us.

TUF HOUSE (Jeremy May Gets His Comeuppance)

The drama begins in the kitchen with Matt Brown telling Jesse Taylor, one of the semi-finalists, and a couple of other teammates what May had said to him after his loss to Amir. Taylor is pissed at May’s lack of respect and begins to trash him,

“If he (May) is invited back to the UFC I will *hit in my hands and rub it on my face”

Then speaking as if May is right in front of him,

“You’re just a loser… dick, loser, broken nose bitch…”

The diatribe lasts a little longer, long enough for May to walk in on Taylor and his teammates. May heard enough that his facial expression looks like a soured pickle.

He confronts Taylor with indignation. This makes the other fighters laugh. May asks Taylor to be man enough to tell him to his face, instead of talking behind his back. That’s exactly what Taylor does. A physical confrontation is avoided for the moment (not sure why) only with the help of the Spike editors.

The kitchen is the same, but now May is sitting next to teammate Gerald Harris. May tells Harris how he is going to get under Jesse’s skin so bad that Jesse will take a swing at him and get kicked out of the house. Harris, who like the other fighters doesn’t really care for May takes a break from his cereal to warn him not to do that, especially since Taylor is in the Semis.

Of course May doesn’t take Harris’ advice. While Taylor and some other fighters are playing cards in the game room, May with the courage of alcohol decides it’s time to mess with Taylor. He calls Taylor a bitch for talking behind his back. Taylor’s cards smack the table,

“What did you call me?”

May asks Taylor something about being Jewish. Taylor loudly proclaims that he is part Jewish. And then May crosses the line,

“Jewish-*ss bitch!”

Taylor loses it, and throws a kick towards May as he gets up to go at him. Thankfully for May about five or six housemates are between them. They corral Taylor and quickly calm him down with reminders that he’s in the semi-finals, and May isn’t worth it.

Lo and behold Mike Dolce is still in the house. I had totally forgotten about him. But, the camera gives him a quick cameo to remind us how he and all the fighters feel about Mr. May,

“Jeremy May is an idiot. Get a personality, that kid sucks.”

With the whole house now yelling at May, he decides to cut his losses and apologize. Mumbling some unintelligible street slang May puts out his hand towards Taylor,

“True That. Respect!” (Whatever that means)

Taylor, wanting to put May as far from his mind as possible, gives him a half-hearted knuckle bump and the drama comes to an end.


Fight 1

Team Forrest’s # 1 Tim Credeur vs Team Rampage’s # 4 Dan Cramer

Both fighters weigh in at 185 on the button. Next we hear from the two coaches and the combatants. Rampage likes Cramer’s heart and wants him to avoid any takedown attempts at all costs.

Forrest knows Credeur is the top Jiu-Jitsu guy in the tournament and wants just the opposite. He thinks Cramer will come out “like a bat out of hell’ and Credeur will have to find a way to take him down.

Credeur continues to make jokes about Cramer’s pretty boy good looks,

“I’m going to break a lot of 16 yr. old girls’ hearts”

Cramer is very pragmatic,

“The guy in 2nd place gets the same contract as the guy in 16th place. You have to win 5 fights. It ain’t over till then.”

Round 1

Just as Forrest predicted, Cramer comes out gangbusters and takes Credeur down hard… Credeur scrambles to his feet… Cramer lands a solid one-two combo that backs Credeur up… He takes Credeur down again and lets loose with a little ground and pound… Rampage doesn’t like the fight being on the mat and yells for Cramer to stand up.

Credeur works to push Cramer off of him and grabs an ankle in the process… Cramer panics and tries to scramble to his feet… He gets up, but Credeur still has his ankle… Cramer grabs for the fence… Referee Herb Dean warns him to let go… Cramer lets go and Credeur pulls him back to the mat still holding the ankle… Credeur rolls, Cramer taps.

*Credeur winner by submission (Heel-Hook)


One more quarterfinals fight to go, Rampage’s top fighter CB Dollaway vs Forrest’s slugger Cale Yarbrough.

Spike takes us back to the TUF House kitchen, which is becoming more action packed then the Octagon itself.

Ever since Cale questioned CB’s allegiance to women, the tension between the two had been brewing. CB and Cale have some words and CB, making fun of all of Cale’s tattoos, promises to get a Cale tattoo on his arm after he beats him.

We segue to the gym and CB is tussling with Rampage as he prepares for the upcoming match. As if CB needed anymore confidence or motivation, Rampage reminds CB that when called into the back room when picking the match-ups, Cale wanted to fight everyone BUT CB.

Rampage’s fight strategy for CB is simple and to the point,

“Whip his *ss!”

He mocks Cale some more and questions his courage when he playfully yells to CB,

“Please don’t whip my *ss Mr. CB sir”

For CB’s part, his confidence and arrogance continue to grow,

“Cale isn’t a real elite athlete, he’s a brawler and nothing else.”

Maybe it’s just me, but is anyone else tired of the arrogance displayed in Mr. Dollaway’s snarling upper lip every time he opens his mouth?


Tim Credeur, peddles on a bike as he shows off his latest talent— MMA jingle writer. His tune, while heroic and catchy would probably be better served on a fighter of higher caliber than Cale Yarbrough.

“Cage Fighter, Cale the cage fighter, the real cage fighter…”

While we watch Cale hitting the bag, Coach Forrest shares his thoughts about CB Dollaway and his brewing rivalry with Cale,

“Cale thinks CB is an arrogant prick… And he’s probably right. In fact I’m pretty sure he is right.”


With all the tension and drama of late, Spike and Dana White decide it’s time to lighten the load for the TUF 7 cast. And what could be better than a little go cart action at an amusement park.

I’ll tell you what could be better, how about supplying the fighters with endless free booze, and letting them destroy the house that they’ve shared for the past couple of months?

Well, that’s exactly what happens. Egged on by CB Dollaway and Gerald Harris throwing the indoor Nerf basketball game over the balcony, the rest of the cast joins in with a frenetic demolition that leaves no wall, ceiling or floor untouched. Just about everything and anything that can be broken or have a hole punched in it is in play.

The fighters, especially Mr. red-head Matt Riddle seem rather relieved upon the conclusion of a true team effort.

One side not though to the Spike producers— While I understand the Reality TV rule, “If you have nothing interesting going on, let the cast destroy something”, I know many out of work writers that would be more than willing to help your writing crew develop some new story lines.

Fight 2

CB Dollaway vs Cale Yarbrough

Round 1

CB takes Cale down. Cale scrambles, but CB works to get Cale’s back. Cale goes into the turtle pose as CB pounds away with heavy rights and lefts. This goes on for about 20 or 30 seconds… The referee warns Cale,

“You need to fight back”

But, all Cale can do at this point is protect his face. CB continues to clobber him and the ref had no choice but to step in and stop it.

*CB Dollaway winner by TKO

Once again CB impresses everyone. Rampage is ecstatic. When CB asks him, back in the locker room, whom he should fight next— Rampage replies with complete confidence in his fighter,

“Doesn’t matter who you fight next!”

Forrest meanwhile, is back in his locker room trying to figure out if he has any fighters who can beat CB. With the quote of the night Forrest opines,

“It’s the cockiness that kills me. There’s nothing worse than a guy who talks a lot of *hit and backs it up. God bless him but I hate him.”

Forrest asks his three remaining fighters if any of them want to fight CB in the semi-finals. Amir Sadollah and Tim Credeur stay silent. Finally Jesse Taylor steps up and says he’ll fight him. Forrest turns to Jesse,

“I don’t care if you lay on him for ten minutes. Just beat him.”


Back at the gym, Dana and Forrest are waiting for Rampage to arrive. They wait and wait, but no Rampage. Dana finally decides to choose the match-ups without Rampage.

Forrest thinks this is a boon and he’ll get the match-ups he wants. CB Dollaway is the first one they call in.

Dana asks him whom he would like to face. CB thinks Tim Credeur would be a good fight.

Tim Credeur comes in next. He wants to fight Amir.

Amir Sadollah is asked who he thinks is the toughest fighter left. Without hesitation he says, “ME”.

Jesse Taylor comes in last. He thinks he’s already set to fight Dollaway, so when asked who he wants to fight he says CB. Dana isn’t satisfied with this match-up. He presses Taylor,

“Who is your easiest way to the finals, stylistically?”

Taylor, “Amir, but I’m here to fight the toughest guy.”

Having consulted the final four, Dana asks Forrest who the toughest remaining fighter is? They both agree it is CB. When Dana asks who’s the next toughest they both seem stumped.

Rampage finally arrives. Sometimes you have to wonder how seriously he takes this tournament. He sounds a little like my 9-year-old nephew when explaining his reason for being late,

“What happened was there was a lot of good TV on and I was flipping channels, and I overslept because I was watching TV.”

The fighters gather in a semi-circle as Dana gets ready to announce the match-ups:

Jesse Taylor vs Tim Credeur

CB Dollaway vs Amir Sadollah

Forrest doesn’t get his way and he can’t believe that all his brown nosing didn’t pay off. Maybe he should have stayed up late and watched TV too.


We started with 32 fighters, and now we are down to the final four. Team Forrest has his top three fighters left, but is any of them good enough to beat Rampage’s only remaining fighter, CB Dollaway.

If we were to play odds makers the fighters would most likely be seeded like this:

# 1 CB Dollaway (8-0) (All American NCAA wrestler)

# 2 Tim Credeur (12-2) (Jiu-Jitsu black belt and fighter with the most experience)

# 3 Amir Sadollah (2-0) (Undefeated amateur kick boxer with the least experience)

# 4 Jesse Taylor (8-2) (Two-time JUCO All American wrestler)

** All records include each fighter’s two victories on the TUF 7 show.

While CB Dollaway is the heavy favorite, if one were to predict a dark horse based on strength of competition so far, it’d have to be Amir Sadollah.

While CB has defeated two of Team Forrest’s weaker fighters (Nick Klein and Cale Yarbrough), Amir has pulled off two impressive victories over guys many thought he’d lose to. First he beat one of Team Rampage’s best, Gerald “Slam Happy” Harris, and then he submitted Team Forrest’s most ferocious fighter, “Madman” Matt Brown.

Tim Credeur, for his part has beaten Team Rampage’s two best sluggers, Matt Riddle and Dan Cramer. The question is how will his Jiu-Jitsu work against top-flight wrestlers like Jesse Taylor and CB Dollaway.

Jesse Taylor has dominated his first two fights against two fighters (Mike Dolce and Dante Rivera) with PRETTY good Jiu-Jitsu. The question with him is how he handles a fighter with VERY good Jiu-Jitsu (Tim Credeur).

I’m not sure who’s going to win this tourney, but I can assure you that next week Matt Riddle’s hair will be a different color,

I can assure you that Rampage Jackson will add to his collection of classic one-liners,

I can assure you that someone new will hate Jeremy May,

And I can assure you that we will know the final two fighters in the quest to become the next ULTIMATE FIGHTER!