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UFC 85: Play-By-Play – Marquardt vs. Leites

We’re live from the O2 Arena in London, England for UFC 85: Bedlam. The play-by-play is being brought to you courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

Nathan Marquardt vs. Thales Leites

Round 1 – Dancing around, then a good exchange for both along the fence. Leites dropps Marquardt with a right hand, jumps on top, gets full mount. Marquardt is holding Thales tight and gets him in his half-guard. Thales passes again to side-control, but Marquardt gets back to his feet. Back to the center of the cage. Nate lands a good body shot, shoots in, and Leites defends the takedown. Marquardt lands a good uppercut, wobbles Thales. But can’t finish him before the round ends. Back and forth, too close to call the round. Both landed effective shots and did some damage.

Round 2 – A right to the body, then to the head opens up the round for Nate. Clinch up along the fence. Nate lands a good punch combo and pushes Thales up against the fence. Nate lands a knee to Leites’s face while he’s on the ground, which is illegal. Time is called to see if Thales can recover and keep fighting. Doctor comes in to check, Leites says he’s okay. Point taken from Nate. Fight continues. Marquardt has Leites on his back, up against the fence. Starts landing some good shots, and Leites is bleeding a little bit. Really good ground-and-pound from Marquardt. Both fighters are starting to look winded. Nate lands more shots from top position. Action slows, Herb Dean stands them back up. Nate shoots in, but Thales defends and reverses, gets the mount. But the clock puts an end to Thales’s good position. Nate takes that round easily, 10-9, but should be 9-9 because of the point deduction.

Round 3 – Both exchange shots, clinch against the fence. Scramble on the groun, and Nate lands an illegal shot to the back of the head. Another point deduction for Marquardt. The actions slows and the fighters move around in the center of the cage. Nate takes Leites down, with Thales’s back against the fence. Nate tries to pass Thales’s guard, almost gets caught in a kimura. Both work to the feet and Nate pulls out the WWE-style piledriver. and then lands a knee to Thales’s face. Bell sounds. Another round to Nate, but minus a point it should be 9-9.

Marquardt should get the nod in this one, even though he had a point taken away in rounds 2 and 3. Leites took some damage to his face. 28-27, Leites, 28-27 Marquardt, 28-27 Leites.

Wow – Leites gets the decision because of the fouls by Marquardt. Nate didn’t really get beat by Thales, he got beat by…himself.

It’s been a strange first 2 fights here in London.