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Chuck Liddell Takes Parting Shot At Tito Ortiz

Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz used to exchange shots in the octagon. Now that Tito Ortiz has made it clear he will leave the UFC due to contract concerns and broader issues of collective compensation for all UFC fighters, Liddell has seen fit to take one last shot at his long time rival.

“I know Tito for a long time and I probably know him as well as anyone and I can guarantee you this: If Tito is doing something, he’s not doing it for anyone else; he’s doing it for himself,” Liddell told Kevin Iole. “Tito wants what he can get for himself. That’s all he’s worried about. He doesn’t care about anyone else, as long as he gets his.”

Ortiz, who has stated a desire to continue fighting for three or four more years, is rumored to be considering multiple promotions or perhaps starting his own.