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Randy Couture "Ok" With Not Fighting Again

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“I’m confident I’ll fight again. I’m also OK with the idea that it may not happen,” Couture said Saturday at the opening of his seventh Xtreme Couture gym. “I may get a bad (court) ruling and I can’t really see myself at this point going back and fighting two more times for the UFC if that’s what the state says I have to do. So there’s the potential I could be done fighting and I’m OK with that too.”

“I expect things will go well, that in a right to work the state will rule that I have the right to go and work in my chosen profession after the term of the contract and some time this fall hopefully, with the help of Mark Cuban and maybe potentially Affliction … that they’ll find a way to make the Fedor fight happen.”

“I’m in a unique position in my life and my career that I’ve kind of been there and done that as far as the fighting goes,” Couture told The Canadian Press. “I still love to fight, I’m physically capable of doing it, so having the passion I have for it, I want to do it. But if doesn’t work out that way that’s OK too.”