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Tito Ortiz To Start His Own MMA Organization?

Tito Ortiz sat down with the Boston Herald recently to discuss his relationship with UFC president Dana White and his future plans; including the possibility of starting his own organization.

Ortiz On Being “100 percent” finished with the UFC:

I’ll be able to relax and not worry about training and all the baloney that happened pre-fight and the stuff that (Dana White) said about me. It’s nice to really move on with my career.

Ortiz On Why He’s Leaving The UFC:

It just comes to Dana feeling threatened by me because I’m a smart businessman who is a fighter. When he was my manager, he was fighting for the same things that I was fighting for. Now it seems like he’s just fighting for himself and the company he works for and he doesn’t care about us fighters. I took that to heart knowing that in the long run I’m making the right decision now.

Ortiz On Being 65% Sure On Starting His Own MMA Organization:

“When I was in the UFC, they talked so much about how I wanted to get out of it and how I wanted to stop fighting. It was a bunch of baloney. I still see 3-4 more years of competition left (in me) and I want to build. I want to make a (rival) company neck and neck with the UFC. I think it’s going to be about taking care of the fighters and that’s what I’m going to do.