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Dana White and Tito Ortiz Appear Open To Working Things Out

Tito Ortiz dropped a unanimous decision to still undefeated Lyoto Machida with his nemesis Dana White taking leave from his usual ringside seat and watching the fight from an office inside of the arena according to Dave Meltzer.

Many expected Ortiz to blast White and perhaps even the organization during his post fight press ring interview, but Ortiz showed class by taking the high road; even leaving the door open for a possible return to the UFC under the right circumstances.

Any good will Ortiz earned with post fight ring interview however, was quickly dashed with his actions during the post fight press conference.

Ortiz showed up before any body else, apparently uninvited, and was promptly asked to leave. He refused, being egged on by girlfriend Jenna Jameson, who told Ortiz to stay put.

Zuffa officials finally agreed to let him speak but stopped the press conference after only a couple of questions. This lead to a strong reaction by some of us in the media who didn’t want to see Ortiz censored and the UFC eventually acquiesced allowing him to take part in the press conference.

Dana White said later that Ortiz had not been banned from the press conference but that he wanted Ortiz to wait and come in with he and all of the other fighters as a group.

Both men acted amicably for the most part during the rest of the post fight press conference. White even seemed open to bringing Ortiz back to the UFC.

“We both need some serious counseling,” said White. “I don’t know if we can make a deal. We need to talk it out some place and talk with each other like grown ups. It’s hard for both of us.”

Ortiz also seemed open to coming back to the organization, stating that he’d have to talk it over with his lawyer.