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Mark Coleman Suffers Torn MCL – Will Be Out For Six Weeks

The UFC announced yesterday that Mark Colman, who was set to face Brock Lesnar at UFC 87 in August, had sustained an injury that would force him out of the proposed match up. Today it was revealed that Colman actually suffered a torn MCL in his knee.

“It happened last Friday during a sparring session,” Coleman told MMAWeekly. “I’ve been trying to work my stand-up quite a bit more, and work my kicks, and me and my partner threw a kick at the same time and I took the worst of the punishment. I tore the MCL ligament in my knee.”

Coleman revealed that the injury will require no surgury, but that he will be out of training for at least six weeks in order to recover. He also stated that he expects to be ready to fight again in October and hopes the UFC will secure a match-up for him by then.