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Bobby Lashley Talks About His MMA Prospects

Bobby Lashley was the guest on the most recent edition of PWB’s Official Podcast Hotline with Lex and Ian, located at In a no-holds-barred interview, Lashley discussed his burgeoning MMA career.

On what MMA organization he’ll be fighting for, and when he’ll first fight:

“I really can’t say what organization, because I’m kind of in talks with about three different ones. Right now it just depends on who gives me the best deal. The ones that I’ve talked to, they’ve already had some things scheduled and things that they want me to do, and that’s where I came up with possibly the end of the Summer, towards October and that timeframe I might have a fight.”

“Whoever wants me, I’m going. I’m ready to fight, man.”

On Brock Lesnar’s UFC debut:

“You know, I think Brock did the right thing, I think Brock’s a smart man. A lot of people ask me, ‘you don’t want to go to the UFC and do what Brock did,’ and I say, ‘what do you mean by that?’ I think Brock did exactly what he’s supposed to do. Yeah, he got caught, he had the balls to go out there and step in there and fight, he drew an incredible amount of pay-per-view buys and drew an incredible fanbase to come over to the UFC. Brock is a star, so if he’s a star, why would he waste his time fighting someone that wasn’t a star? Frank Mir was a former champion in the UFC, and I think if they fought again, Brock would smash him.”

On rumors that Booker T and Kurt Angle are pushing him to TNA wrestling:

“Whether I’m going to go over there or not, I’m not sure. I am open for dialogue if we can work some things out, I can possibly go over there and do it, maybe TNA, but definitely fighting [in MMA]…”

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