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Tito Ortiz Talks Machida, Kimbo and His Future

Tito Ortiz is set to face Lyoto Machida at UFC 84 in less than 2 weeks. He took some time out from training to sit down with our friends from MMA Madness to discuss a variety of topics including his upcoming fight against Machida, his thoughts on Kimbo Slice and his future.

Ortiz On His Upcoming Fight With Machida:

In the very beginning, I wasn’t excited because I wanted to fight Rashad [Evans]. Lots of fans wanted that one and I thought it would be great to have it happen. But now, with [Lyoto] Machida, they just want to build a fighter off my name. It won’t happen. I’ve got no injuries. I’m mentally and physically ready. He’s getting the best Tito Ortiz. It’s gonna be all Tito. I’m gonna be in great shape, and I’ll be up at around 218. I’ll be strong and aggressive, just like always. I’m looking for a ground battle, but my stand up is great too. It’s going to be an exciting fight, I promise you that. The biggest concern is to get a win. But win or lose, it doesn’t matter, I’ll continue on. I know I’m not going to lose though. When I beat Machida, it’s going to show that I’m still at the top of 205.

Ortiz On Kimbo:

I think Kimbo is something special. When I first saw him, I thought he was just a street fighter. But since he’s been training with Bas, I think he’s become a really well rounded athlete. We haven’t seen his wrestling yet, but I’m respecting him because he’s putting in the hard work. He’s not just some bar fighter like Tank Abbott who goes out and drinks a ton every night. I have no respect for guys like Tank. But Kimbo, I’m starting to like the guy. His praise is completely deserved – he grew up on hard times and now he’s making a name for himself.

Ortiz On Possible Future Opponents Outside Of The UFC:

I think Renato “Babalu” Sobral would be a great fight for me and I still think he’s at the top of his game. Frank Shamrock is obviously a fight that people would love to see. You know, I would even move up in weight and take on Kimbo Slice or Fedor Emelianenko.