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TUF 7 "Episode 6"— Recap

Two-for-one, who can resist? Whether the offer comes from a fast food restaurant or a cell phone company, everybody loves two-for-ones. Well, last night it was “The Ultimate Fighter” that waved this guaranteed pleaser in front of its fans faces.

“Jeremy May pisses Matt Brown off… and a second mystery preliminary fight”. This is the teaser the TUF narrator utters as TUF Season 7— episode 6 gets under way.

The van full of Team Forrest fighters chugs along; Sin City’s neon strip in the background underlies the apparent booze fest that is taking place back at the TUF house. Matt Brown and his teammates are talking trash about Jeremy May as we arrive.

For a bunch of young tough guys, it doesn’t get much better than all the free booze you can drink. And Matt Riddle, Jeremy May and a couple of other Team Rampage members are doing their best to enjoy this TUF perk. Shot after shot, Riddle and May are doing their best to get to the bottom of a vodka bottle.

Tim Credeur and a few of the other Team Forrest fighters don’t look impressed. In fact, neither do some of the Team Rampage fighters. One of the Rampage members lets Jeremy May know that his drinking antics aren’t very respectful to the rest of his team. He asks Jeremy how many shots he’s had. Casually and with his best joker smirk, May tells him 12 or 13.

Things get more odd, when May reveals to the camera that he actually is putting one over on everyone. He’s replaced the alcohol in his vodka bottle with water, so he’s only pretending to be drunk. Why? Well, as we’ve learned in previous episodes Jeremy May is a pretty weird guy.

Tim Credeur ends this segment by letting us know the level of his disdain for May by indicating how he would hypothetically kill Jeremy if he had to,

“If Jeremy and I were the last two guys on the face of the earth, I’d be the last”.

Tim then further inflames the audiences dislike for May by calling him a douchbag.


Jeremy May is rolling around the cage practicing his version of Jiu-Jitsu, a version he likes to call, “Jeremy-Jitsu”. While it’s supposed to be a better style of Jiu-Jitsu, it reminds one more of a spastic female cat trying to escape an unwelcomed courting.

Jeremy’s training is interspersed with shots of him talking smack about Matt Brown. Jeremy’s piety is priceless,

“In a good Christian way I’m going to beat his face in”

May goes down in a heap and starts howling in pain. We learn that he has a bum knee. The rest of his training is of him sulking on the sidelines as Rampage Jackson tries to talk to him about the need for him to get more practice. The best May can seemingly do is ride the bike. But is it the best he can do?


Amir Sadollah, Team Forrest’s # 2 fighter makes the prediction of the night,

“I’m going to predict Matt Brown is going to win by murder!”

This leads us into Matt Brown’s training session, a very serious looking session to say the least. Brown is seen exerting maximum effort, every punch with full force. The intensity of his training is accentuated by the sounds of a classic solo piano (very Rocky like).

Brown talks about having had brushes with death, of how MMA saved his life. As a teammate reminds us, every time Brown opens his mouth, something manly comes out of it. Coach Forrest Griffin ends the segment by exclaiming his impressions of Brown’s tough guy work ethic and laying out his expectations for the upcoming fight.

“If a guy is going to beat me up in training, the least he could do is hurt someone in the fight”


The commercial break promoting UFC 84 “Ill Will” BJ Penn vs Sean Sherk leads us into the Weigh-In. The promo for “Ill Will” might as well have been for the Matt Brown vs Jeremy May fight, because the tension is at an all time high as the two fighters approach the scale.

May steps up first, 184 lbs. Brown is next, 183.5 lbs.

The stare down is hilarious as May does his best to incite Brown with a series of clownish faces. If one were to look up the word ‘taunting’ in the dictionary, Jeremy May’s picture might well be there. Brown, for his part, does his best to scare the bejesus out of May with a stare that would make Charles Bronson wet his pants.

The only thing Coach Forrest is afraid of, is that Brown might have burned himself out for the fight during training.


Hmmm… while Jeremy May might be the most hated man in the house, teammate Matt Riddle is beginning to show his dark side also. When we enter the house, we see the two Matts (Brown and Riddle) talking on a couch. Riddle who we last saw drinking shots with May, is talking trash about him. Brown is calmly listening when Riddle decides to become a turncoat and undercut his brash teammate. He tells Brown about May’s bum knee. Brown’s ears perk up and he tells Riddle how he’s pretty good with his leg kicks. Riddle emphasizes May’s knee problems again and prods Brown to use his leg kicks on May’s bad knee. Knowing how much Rampage hates to lose, the audience can only imagine how ugly things could get for Riddle if Rampage knew what Riddle was doing.

Just as the audience might be feeling an ounce of sympathy for May, May reveals to the camera that his knee isn’t nearly as bad as he’s been making it out to be. He says he’s been using the bum knee as an excuse to pace himself in training,

“I’m a sandbagging son of a *itch”


May and Brown take turns talking to the camera about their strategies. May is expecting Brown to fight off of emotion. He thinks Brown will come out with a flurry of fists. He seems to think this will tire Brown out, so his plan is to fight a nice technical, patient fight with lots of Jeremy-Jitsu.

Brown says he wants to beat Jeremy at his own game, which is a surprise, because he’s not known for his ground game. But, to counter May’s belief that he’ll get tired he warns,

“If I’m tired, I guarantee you he’ll be more tired”

Brown’s last words for May are foreboding,

“Good Night”


With Herb Dean officiating, Jeremy May enters the ring dancing like Apollo Creed. Brown’s face is fierce and the much anticipated grudge match is moments away…

Jeremy May (Team Rampage)- (6-5) vs Matt Brown (Team Forrest)- (9-6)

Round 1

Unlike his prediction, May decides to eschew patience and comes out throwing wild haymakers. Brown stays composed and eats a few punches, but stays composed.

Up against the cage, Brown throws a quick right that grazes May. May goes down, but doesn’t seem hurt. In fact, he stays on the ground trying to bait Brown to join him for some Jeremy-Jitsu. Brown plays it careful, but eventually jumps down into May’s half-guard.

Brown works into top position and then just as he predicted tries to beat Jeremy at his own game when he goes for an arm bar. May escapes, and stands over Brown. Exactly the opposite of what we expected is happening- Brown on the ground and May standing.

May tries to punch down on Brown, but Brown grabs hold of his arm, again going for an arm bar. May picks Brown up and slams him. In his best work of the fight, May gets on top of Brown and uses some effective ground and pound.

After weathering some of May’s punches, brown gets back to standing. The fight goes back to the ground, this time with Brown on top. Brown gets into May’s half guard and throws a few punches. Forrest and his teammates are yelling for Brown to get back to his feet where he can use his stand-up game. Forrest is so frustrated with Brown, he starts shrieking at the top of his lungs,

“Show me the animal, I want the animal!”

Brown finally listens. May is gassed. Brown nails May with a left-right combo and May goes down. He lets May get back to his feet. They clinch. Brown is completely in control. He whacks him with a knee to the chin, May reels. Brown calmly measure the distance between him and a backpedaling May. He unleashes a brutal left kick to May’s chin. May goes down in a heap. Dean jumps in.

*Matt Brown wins by KO in 1st round.

After Brown’s hand is raised he tells May the grudge is ‘squashed’. May doesn’t seem to care, choosing not to respond to Brown’s olive branch.

Rampage, once again is disappointed, but seems to have expected the outcome. He draws a comparison between Jeremy May and a car without enough gas,

“He should of put more than $2 in the gas tank”

Dana White is very happy with the fight,

“That was one of the coolest Knockouts I’ve ever seen”

In the locker room Matt Brown is satisfied but is busy icing his left foot,

“My foot got hurt from his face”

For Jeremy May’s part, he has a black eye and can’t seem to come to terms with the fact that he just got destroyed by Matt Brown,

“He kind of got lucky…if we fought again the result would be different”.


As promised, this night would be a two-for-one. With Team Forrest now 4-0, Forrest flips a coin to decide who he’ll have fight next. The pick ends up being Team Forrest lowest seeded fighter, #8 pick Luke Zachrich. Luke’s opponent will be Team Rampage #4 fighter Daniel Cramer.

Rampage is stumped about how Forrest is 4-0. He wants to know how he is picking the fights. When Forrest tells him by a flip of a coin, Rampage is flabbergasted. With the line of the night, Rampage adds to his classic collection of one-liners when he messes up his Spanish for the term ‘balls’,

“I’ll give him (Forrest) one compliment, he’s got cabones!”.


Luke Zachrich is pissed that he was the last fighter (or punk as he calls it) picked by either of the coaches. He feels like he has a lot to prove. Tim Credeur shows confidence in his teammate by predicting a KO in round 1 or 2.

Daniel Cramer is known as the ‘pretty boy’ among all the fighters. His good looks, nice disposition and strong work ethic makes him the perfect antithesis to teammate Jeremy May.

Rampage thinks Cramer has an unbelievable chin, so his advice is for Cramer to let Zachrich punch himself out, before going in for the kill.

Zachrich enters the cage first in a red TAPOUT cap. We hear his voice as he enters,

“I’m Going to impose my will”

Cramer enters in a UFC black hoody,

“I’m here to win the whole tournament”

Round 1

Steve Mazzagatti gets the refereeing duties for this one.

Both fighters are stand-up brawlers, so most of the round takes place with them on their feet.

Zachrich is the more aggressive fighter in the beginning, landing strong right hands and an effective Muay Thai clinch. Zachrich scores the first takedown a little over a minute into the fight.

The fight quickly returns to standing, and Zachrich inflicts some damage with his knees in his Muay Thai clinch. Cramer is a little unsure of what he wants to do and spends a lot of time letting Zachrich control the fight.

Not until Zachrich throws Cramer down again, does Cramer seem to awaken. After the throw down, Cramer scrambles to his feet and the fighters clinch. This time though Cramer gets the better of the exchanges. He utilizes some a strong dirty boxing game to continually throw short right and left hands, that land right on the button.

For a good minute Cramer rocks Zachrich with his dirty boxing. Clearly losing steam, Zachrich takes Cramer down with a trip with about a minute to go in the round.

Cramer looks uncomfortable on the ground, and Zachrich takes his back. He tries to sink in a rear naked choke and almost succeeds. Cramer resists and survives until the bell.

**Close round, but because Zachrich controlled the beginning and end of the round he wins it barely.

Round 2

Both coaches tell the tired fighters, it’s all about composure now.

Cramer comes out and immediately takes a gassed looking Zachrich down. He mounts him in top position and begins to drive heavy forearms and short punches into Zachrich’s face. Zachrich is hurt and gives up his back to avoid the forearms and punches.

Cramer rides Zachrich’s back and throws more punches. He turns Zachrich and throws whatever he has left at him. Zachrich succumbs to the ground and pound. Mazzagatti steps in.

***Cramer wins by TKO in round 2


Rampage is ecstatic. He starts breaking down the win for the camera in his best gibberish. At the end of his celebratory review he finally says something understandable,

“Best fight I’ve seen in a long time”.

Cramer is happy, the whole Rampage team is. When Cramer lets out a big sigh, it signifies the end of a long losing streak. Zachrich, shows great class in giving Cramer his props,

“Got caught up in his game and I gassed”.

Cramer shows his graciousness by going to Zachrich’s locker room and congratulating him on a tough fight.

Rampage continues his celebration by singing for the camera,

“I got control, I got control”

Then he adds a little dance,

“It’s like Janet Jackson, I got control…”


Next week the final three preliminary fights will be announced

Spike shows us a teaser for the next episode and it looks like we’re in for some more drama. As we see some of the fighters gathering at a door in the gym seemingly watching a confrontation, Dana White says,

“My two class clowns want to Ken and Tito each other”

Could it be that Forrest and Rampage are finally getting to each other?

The show ends with the narrator reminding us just how precarious each fighter’s position is,

“Who can hold onto their dream to become the next Ultimate Fighter”.