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Matt Hughes On George St. Pierre

Matt Hughes dropped the following quotes on Kevin Iole in a recent interview. Hughes talked about Georges St. Pierre, his upcoming fight with Thiago Alves, and getting back to the “old” Matt Hughes :

Hughes On George St. Pierre:

“Obviously, Georges St. Pierre is a tremendous fighter, but I had a real bad night at the same time he had a real good night. When that happens, you saw what the result can be. But I did get into some good positions and I saw some things, but I couldn’t do what I knew I needed to do.”

Hughes On His Thiago Alves:

“To be honest, I like the matchup (against Thiago Alves at UFC 85),” “He’s a stand-up guy. On the ground, he’s not nearly as dangerous. I’ll be stronger, I believe I’ll be the better wrestler and I like the fact he’s kind of a slow starter. I think I can wear him out before he gets going.”

Hughes On Getting Back To The Old Hughes:

“I’ve pulled out some of the old Matt Hughes tapes and I’m trying to get back to being that fighter. Nobody should write me off just yet.”