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Tito Ortiz: "Dana, stop being a p*ssy. Pay us what we deserve."

Tito Ortiz is fighting undefeated Lyoto Machida at UFC 84 in what will likely be his last fight for the organization. Ortiz has been engaged in a public feud with UFC president Dana White over fighter pay and the two have been engaged in war of words for years. Here’s the latest from Ortiz via video from Throwdown:

Ortiz On Money:

It always comes down to, ‘Oh, Tito’s talking about money again.’ Yeah, because no one else will fucking speak up. Speak up and speak your mind. Fight to be a fighter. If it wasn’t for me speaking up, Chuck Liddell would never have made his million dollars. I would never have made my million dollars. Randy Couture would never have made his million dollars.

Ortiz On Dana White:

Back then [Dana White] used to fight for things that I believe in. He fought for me to get paid more money…He was the guy battling for me. Now I’m battling against him. I’m not asking the fans for more money. I’m not asking you guys for more money. I’m asking the company that you guys pay for more money. We’re the modern day gladiators, and we’re getting treated like gladiators…those guys were slaves. I feel like a slave. Yeah, I get paid a little money, but these guys are keeping the big revenue.”

Ortiz On His Reasons For Speaking Out:

I just want to make sure that as fighters we’re getting respected and we’re getting treated right. Look at Randy Couture. One of the greatest heavyweight champions, one of the greatest light heavyweight champions, now he’s not shown on any pay-per-view, he’s not mentioned on any pay-per-view, his gym’s not mentioned, nothing’s mentioned of Randy Couture in the history of the UFC. Why? Because one person has a beef with him because he asked for more money? You know, Dana, stop being a pussy. Pay us what we deserve.”

Special thanks for the assist goes out to our friends over at Cage Potato which is, bar none, the funniest MMA blog on the planet.