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Joe Lauzon Upset With Kenny Florian’s Brother

Joe Lauzon recently sat down with the Boston Herald to discuss his loss to Kenny Florian at UFN 13 in Colorado. He spoke about losing the fight, his future and his disdain for Kenny’s brother, Kieth. Below are some excerpts from that conversation:

Lauzon Fighting At Altitude:

I think I won the first round. If it was at sea level, I think I would have been able to push that pace for all three rounds, but being in Colorado, I couldn’t do it. I came out for the second round and I felt like my legs weighed 1,000 pounds each. I thought I had a good first round, but cardio killed me and a couple of other things just didn’t go my way.

Lauzon On The Bad Blood Between He And Kenny Before The Fight:

I did an interview and they asked me what my plan was for the fight. … I said I thought if I could put Kenny on the fence and put him on his back that I could beat him up there. The interviewer went to Kenny and said, ‘Joe said your jiu-jitsu is nothing to worry about because hes going to smash you on the fence.’ It was completely taken out of context of how it was said. It was completely unprofessional.

Joe Lauzon On Kenny’s Brother Kieth Florian:

We saw (Keith) in the hotel that night and he was being a complete punk in the elevator. It was totally unnecessary. I had told Kenny that I definitely wanted to go up there and work out with him at Sityodtong (gym in Somerville), but I’m really rethinking that. I’m definitely not going to do that for the way his brother acted. It was just poor taste all around.

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