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Bas Rutten Defends Kimbo Slice On HDNet’s Inside MMA

Last night on Inside MMA, Bas Rutten addressed what he termed as the jealousy he sees from other MMA fighters against his protege, Kimbo Slice.

“You know why it is,” Rutten said. “It’s because every time all the fighters hear, ‘What about Kimbo? What about Kimbo? What about Kimbo?’. I don’t get it. Does he do anything wrong? People say ‘He doesn’t have any ground game.’ How do they know? … He’s good to the fans, he treats the people good. He talks good about other fighters. He never talks bad. They talk bad about him, but not the other way around.

Rutten appears to be growing tired of the negative perception that some in the MMA community have perpetuated against his fighter.

“He trains hard,” said Rutten. “He’s a role model. The guy’s never been in jail, and they say he’s a thug. The guy is doing a really good job, but everybody is just asking about him all the time, and it drives the other fighters nuts.”