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Brandon Vera: “It’s my one-year goal — to win both titles."

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“It’s my one-year goal — to win both titles. I’ll fight anyone UFC wants me to fight. I’m not scared of anyone. I train ridiculously hard for all my fights. I drive myself to the point of exhaustion. In the past, I’ve collapsed in the gym. When I’m training for a fight, I work out thrice a day from six to eight weeks. Each day, I do 50 minutes of conditioning, including working six six-minute rounds, then 1 1/2 hours of repetition drills and finally, 1 1/2 hours of doing whatever my coaches want, like sparring or banging the bag or hitting the mitts…. After I get the heavyweight belt, I’m going after Rampage (light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson). I’ve already challenged Rampage. We’ve agreed that whoever wins will buy a car of his opponent’s choice but the plate will show the word ‘loser.’ I wouldn’t like to drive a Lamborghini with ‘loser’ on the plate so I don’t intend to lose.. I’ve trained with Rampage and he’s tough. But when the title’s on the line, it’s anything goes in the UFC.”