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Kalib Starnes Sets The Record Straight

Despite reports to the contrary, Kalib Starnes was not protesting his contract with his performance against Nate Quarry…he claims to have broken his foot on the first kick he threw.

“Right now, I have a broken foot [that] I sustained with the first kick I threw in the fight,” Starnes told The Fight Network. “My leg is purple and black from my knee up, I have a black eye, a sprained jaw, and he’s questioning my desire to fight? If that isn’t enough to satisfy him and the crowd, I can show them the medical report. I can barely walk. [Quarry] totally destroyed my thigh with those kicks. I’m sure a lot of people would rather see me suffer a traumatic brain injury and be rendered unconscious. That’s too bad. If that’s what they want, they’re paying the wrong guy $10,000 to get his brain smashed in.”

Starnes also took exception to comments made by Dana White on Yahoo! Sports claiming that he released Starnes from his UFC contract. Starnes told The Fight Network that he requested his release the day after the fight.

“[UFC matchmaker] Joe Silva told me that it usually takes a couple of days for their legal department to complete the paperwork and that he would send me all of the paperwork to indicate that my contract has been dissolved. Later on in the afternoon, after I had spoken to Joe Silva, a story was released by some reporter from Yahoo! in which Dana White said that he had released me from my contract. I received no documentation on that, and it came after I asked to be released.

Starnes also had some parting words for his former boss, UFC president Dana White.

“In my opinion, it was inappropriate to make public statements regarding my character and my future and so on the way that he has, especially without having the courage and the respect to call me up and speak with me personally. All of these comments come from a man that has never had a fight in his entire life who claims to be the ultimate authority on fighting and courage. I couldn’t be happier than to be released from the most oppressive contract I’ve ever been under in my life.”