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UFC 83: St. Pierre Vs. Serra

Matt Serra vs Georges St-Pierre
Round 1: Fighters make their entrance. Let’s see if Serra can shock the world twice. GSP immediately takes Serra down into Serra’s half guard. GSP is trying to use short punches to break Serra’s hold. Crowd starts chanting “GSP.” Serra gets Georges in full guard. GSP lands a couple of big shots to Serra’s head as he postures up. Serra’s just trying to hold St. Pierre tight to his body. GSP works to half guard. GSP is starting to work some elbows as we come down to two minutes. GSP passes guard, takes Serra’s back, and works hammerfists to the side of Serra’s head. Serra’s trying to stand up against the cage. GSP holding steady, using knees. Serra finally able to get it standing again. GSP lands a superman punch, followed by a leg kick, and a double leg to take Serra down. Sidemount for Georges. As the round ends, GSP rains down a couple of punches to the downed Serra.

Round 1 was all GSP. 10-9.

Round 2: Serra has a big mouse under his right eye. Touch gloves for round two. Serra tries a leg kick, but Pierre catches it and takes him down. St. Pierre is using his wrestling skills to keep Serra on the defensive against the cage. Serra escapes, standing in the middle of the ring. Serra lands a glancing right head kick. GSP lands a spinning back kick. Serra throws some wild punches, landing a few. GSP is landing stiff jabs, then takes Serra down. Serra works to full guard. GSP trying to posture up and land punches. GSP lands a couple of short elbows. Serra’s in complete survival mode now. GSP is now working knees to the side of Serra. And they’re doing damage. Serra rolls, gets back to full guard, where GSP continues to dominate. GSP passes to side mount. Serra rolls. GSP takes Serra’s back and starts punching to the side of the head, along with hard knees to the body. More hard knees to the body. Ref steps in to stop the punishment. Georges reclaims the title!

Absolute domination in every facet by GSP. Serra carries GSP around the ring. A good show of sportsmanship.

Georges St. Pierre defeats Matt Serra via TKO at 4:25 in the second round to become the undisputed UFC Welterweight Champion.