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UFC 83: Franklin Vs. Lutter

Travis Lutter vs. Rich Franklin
Round 1: Touched gloves to start the fight. Rich caught Travis with a right hand. Lutter drops for a single leg. Both men working up against the fence. Lutter gets his back and takes him down. Lutter rolls over to side mount, then moves to half guard. Franklin’s defending well. Lutter falls into full guard. Travis works his way to half guard. This is the type of match that Lutter was wanting. He gets full mount with a minute and a half left. He starts punching from full mount and gets his arm. Franklin pulls out of the arm bar! Now Franklin is standing up with Travis on his back. Lutter shoots in for a double leg. Franklin sprawls and starts punching, but Lutter won’t let go of Franklin’s right leg. Lutter has Franklin sprawled up against the cage as the round ends. I score 10-9 for Lutter.

Round 2: Lutter looks a little tired to start Round 2. Clinch, Franklin lands a right knee. Lutter looks gassed. Franklin lands a left head kick that stuns Lutter. Drops to the mat. Franklin tries to pounce, but gets his leg trapped by Lutter. Franklin escapes, stands back up. Franklin lands a couple more knees. Franklin is teeing off as Lutter doesn’t have much left in his tank. Lutter grabs a leg. Franklin pulls free, starts punching. Lutter can barely stand up! Lutter is taking a lot of shots now. Lutter is down, getting hit. The ref steps in to stop it!

Franklin wins via TKO at 3:01 of Round 2. Florian makes the comment that the Canadian crowd might like Franklin because of his resemblance to the Canadian Jim Carrey, forgetting he’s almost identical to Ben Stiller.