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UFC 83: Quarry Vs. Starnes

Kalib Starnes vs. Nate Quarry
Round 1:Quarry starts with some body shots and leg kicks. Quarry starts looking to trade and ends up chasing Starnes around the ring with Kalib, literally, running backwards. Crowd starts to boo as the action slows down. Both are dancing around, only Quarry looks to be willing to engage right now. Quarry is landing leg kicks and punches at will. Round is coming to a close with Starnes not doing much at all. 10-9 for Quarry, but possible 10-8 because Kalib just doesn’t seem to realize he’s in a fight yet.

Round 2: Round starts the same way Round 1 ended, with Quarry chasing down Starnes. The Canadian crowd is beginning to boo Starnes, a Canadian. They want to see some heart and fight from their countryman. Quarry attempts a kick, Starnes grabs his leg and takes him down. But not for long as Quarry is back to his feet. Nate starts in again with leg kicks and punches. He’s landing combinations at will. Starnes is doing nothing except upsetting the crowd. End of round. Again, 10-9 to Quarry, but could be another 10-8.

Round 3:Starnes comes out, looking to land a shot or two. But he’s throwing them as singles, doing no damage. Quarry still stalking. Not much action now at all with 2 minutes left. Time’s running out and Quarry peppering Starnes with more kicks and punches. Starnes flips off Nate as he’s getting hit in the head. Fight coming to a close. Nate taunts Kalib right as the round ends. Once again score it 10-9 for Quarry. Easy decision for “The Rock.” All 3 judges give the bout to Nate Quarry with one scoring it 30-24. Crowd boos Starnes loudly, but they seem to appreciate the effort of Quarry. Nate quotes Rocky IV, getting applause from the crowd.