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UFC 83: Bisping vs. McCarthy

Charles McCarthy vs. Michael Bisping
Round 1:There’s been quite a bit of trash-talk between these two, let’s hope the fight is as exciting as that has been. Bisping looks ripped at 185. Trading punches, both are throwing wild shots. Bisping gets a few knees in, and McCarthy taunts Bisping afterwards. Crowd starts a soccer chant for Bisping. McCarthy takes Bisping down – half-guard. Bisping starts working his way up, but McCarthy takes his back, starts working for an armbar. And he’s getting close to it. Bisping pulls his arm free. Back standing and trading. Bisping starts teeing off on McCarthy with knees, and drops him. McCarthy turtles up, Bisping hammers away. Seconds til the round ends. Round over. And the ref stops the fight after the bell. Evidently McCarthy cannot continue and is holding his arm.

Bisping def. McCarthy after Round 1, McCarthy unable to continue.