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Dana White On Kimbo Vs. Chuck Liddell

Dana White made some interesting comments recently regarding a possible match up between Kimbo Slice and Chuck Liddell recently in an article on

“If he [Kimbo] fought anybody that mattered, I would book that tomorrow,” White told on a possible match up between Kimbo and Chuck Liddell. “The fact is, Kimbo’s not there yet. He would get destroyed. I heard he just got knocked out by Forrest Griffin last week in a sparring match after a kick to the head.”

White apparently also puts no credence in the fact that Kimbo destroyed former UFC Legend Tank Abbott in less than a round.

“Tank Abbott?! I mean, come on. That guy was a bad UFC fighter,” said White. “A friend of mine said he was out at a bar the week before that fight and he saw Tank there drinking beers.”