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Anthony Johnson On GSP: "I think we are equal in a lot of ways."

Anthony Johnson shocked fans around the MMA world with his sensational knockout of highly touted MMA prospect and Matt Hughes protege, Tommy Speer. Johnson recently sat down with to discuss a variety of issues including the Speer fight and his future in the sport. Below are a couple of the highlights from that conversation:

Johnson On His Fight With Tommy Speer:

“I loved my performance, you know what I mean. I went in there and did my best, but I felt like I got a little bit out of…my technique was off a little bit. Other than that, I felt like I did great. I told my coach I have to work on my technique a little bit more. I can’t get that excited and lose my form.”

Johnson On Georges St. Pierre:

I don’t feel like I could dominate GSP, but I feel like I can hang with him a little bit. I’m not going to say he could run over me and I don’t think I could run over him. I think we are equal in a lot of ways. He just has more experience and that name. He started from the ground up and now I’m in the same boat that he’s in. Hopefully I could get to where he is right now. I have so much respect for that man it’s crazy, but for anybody to compare me to him, it’s an honor, but at the same time, you gotta be crazy. That guy has done so much for the sport already. You can’t compare a guy that has had 3 fights in the UFC to somebody that has had several fights…you know what I mean?

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