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Nate Diaz Ready For Another Shot At Manny Gamburyan

Nate Diaz appears to be just as eager to fight Manny Gamburyan as Gamburyan is to fight him. Last week, in an interview with, Gamburyan expressed his strong desire to face Diaz again, in what would be a rematch of their TUF 5 finale showdown. Gamburyan suffered a severe shoulder separation in that match up which forced him to tap early. Below are some of Diaz’s comments regarding a future fight with Gamburyan courtesy of Tagg Radio.

Diaz On Fighting Gamburyan:

Manny wants to fight me. But you know what? I want to fight him too just as much… I don’t give a shit. If they want to do it, I’m ready for that.”

Diaz On Gambuyan And His Cousin Karo Parysian:

I don’t like them. I don’t mean nothing bad to anyone else in the sport. Everybody’s just trying to make their money and fight their fights and do their thing, just like I am. But those guys? Fuck them. They’re cocky, they talk shit, and they want to act tough. But when they’re by themselves, they try to say ‘What’s up,’ you know. I’m like, ‘We’re not friends, dude.’

Diaz On The First Fight Between He And Gamburyan:

[Gamburyan] already did everything he was going to do in that first round. I felt better in the second round. I didn’t feel like he was doing anything from the top anyway. Pellegrino was doing good from the top. He was trying to pass the guard do his thing. Manny was just trying to sit in the guard the whole time. The thing is with a lot of guys is they can go hard from go, you know, from the start, and they slow down as time goes by. I feel like I go hard from start, too, but I feel like I get better as time goes by. Some people slow down. They give everything at the beginning. So I feel like sometimes, not with all people, but with some people, that it’s going to get better for me in the later rounds… I was just ‘If he did anything good, the best thing he was going to do, he already did.’

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