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Georges St. Pierre responds to Pete Sell’s "mental midget" comments

Georges St. Pierre responded to Team Serra member Pete Sell’s comments about him in a recent interview with the Winnipeg Sun. Sell called St Pierre a “mental midget” and went onto say that “GSP is the type of guy that if they were in a bar, GSP would back down from a fight while Serra is down for whatever.”

St. Pierre’s response was characteristic of the polite yet self assured Canadian that he is:

“Of course I’m not going to fight in a club. It’s just not my thing. If it doesn’t involve me personally or my family, I will avoid it. I believe if you’re a good person and treat people nicely, that incident wouldn’t arise. I think those situations happen to people who are uncomfortable with themselves. Or try to look tough or act like fighters. You attract what you look like. I don’t have anything to prove. When I fight, I do it for a living.”

It is also of interest that St. Pierre was only given eight tickets for his friends and family by UFC management, especially considering the event is being held in his hometown. Similar complaints were made by Randy Couture in late 2007, shortly before he parted with the UFC.

‘Rush’ went on to talk about what he looks for in a girl, his training camp, and Matt Serra’s ‘Rocky’ reference. You can read the rest of the interview in the link below.