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St. Pierre Open To A Fight With Anderson Silva

George St. Pierre had some interesting comments today during the UFC pre-fight conference call.

St. Pierre On Facing Matt Serra:

I do a lot of imagery. I have seen these things before and when I walk into the Octagon on April 19 it seems to me it won’t be the first time that it has happened because I have been through the scenario before. I know how to fight him. I’m going to fight him in a way that nobody has fought him before. I’m going to do some stuff that nobody has seen before.

St. Pierre On A Possible Match Up With UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva:

I’ve been thinking about it. It’s going to depend on the scenario. I have a lot of training partners at 185 and my weight class is 170. I would never get into the way of one of my training partners. I would never fight somebody I train with. But if one day, I have the opportunity, the way is clear, and I did everything I had to do in my division, of course I will [fight Silva].