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Aleksander Emelianenko Discusses His Brothers, The UFC, And Much More

Aleksander Emelianenko sat down with M-1 Mixfight to discuss his recent victory at the M-1 Challenge, his future, and the UFC. Below are some of the highlights of this interview.

Emelianenko On Recovering After A Loss:

You just need to understand why you lost. And draw conclusions. It’s not scary to come out for the next fight. I know that I’m the best. Let my opponents fear me. That’s what they do anyway.

Emelianenko On His Future Plans:

Today I will talk with a promoter, to try to negotiate a fight in Canada on May 10. I don’t know an opponent yet. To win and to become the best in the world – those are my upcoming plans.

Emelianenko On Fighting His Brother Fedor:

Me and my brother will never fight each other – that’s just not right. For money? Two brothers will beat each other senseless? It will never happen. Nobody even pitches this fight to us. They know that we will not even consider it. There is plenty of good fighters in the world, with whom we have not fought yet.

Emelianenko On His Younger Brother Vanya Emelianenko:

Vanya is in Lesgafta academy studying and majoring in wrestling. Although he broke his hand right now, unlucky punch. So this halted his training regimen. But he is ready to fight and will follow our footsteps.

Emelianenko On The UFC

UFC, for example, won’t take me, because if they let me in there I would beat everybody and take the belt to Russia. They don’t want that. They want their own American champions. We already beat everyone in Japan, even though no one bet on us. I’m prepared to fight with the best, to prove that I am the best.

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