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Roy Jones Comments On Nixed Boxing Match With Anderson Silva

Roy Jones Jr. and UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva had been in serious discussions to face one another in a boxing rules match when Dana White caught wind of the idea and threw down the kibosh. White said that there is no way that the match up would take place. Many speculated that White was protecting the UFC from being discredited if Silva were to lose to Jones; which would have been a distinct possibility.

“I don’t see how it could discredit the UFC,” Roy Jones told The New York Daily News. The guy has boxed before and he’s a tall, slick, left handed fighter. That gives everybody problems. It would be a good fight. As fighters we’re supposed to be trying to do things that amaze people and make history. This could have been something that people really wanted to see. I just think it’s wrong not to allow him (Silva) to get the opportunity to live out his fantasy to be in the ring with one of his heroes. That’s the kind of thing that boxing promoters usually do. If I had a high school wrestling background, I’d be willing to try that stuff (MMA). But I’m lost on the ground. He’s got a lot of heart and I have nothing but respect for him for wanting to take on the best in boxing.”