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Randy Couture: " I can’t see myself fighting for the UFC again."

Randy Couture was in Portland this weekend to corner his wife in her first official mma contest. He took time with Brad McCrary over at MMAMadness to speak about his future including the Fedor fight, which promotion he expects to sign with, and the oft-rumored grappling match up with Kurt Angle. Below are some of the highlights of thier conversation:

Couture On The Status Of His Contract Dispute:

I think this will all come to an end soon. The state of Nevada will make a declaration on my contract and I think they will rule favorably. Then I can pursue a fight with Fedor after July.

Couture On The UFC:

I can’t see myself fighting for the UFC again. Too much has happened.

Couture On The Affliction Ban And His Future Employer:

Xtreme Couture is partnered with Affliction and they [banned Affliction] to hurt me. We are now the Banned Brand of the UFC. Things have still been OK. We’ve spent more than $1 million sponsoring fighters. It motivated [Affliction owner Todd Beard] to put on our own shows. [Mark Cuban] is helping out. More than likely, I will end up signing with HDNet and Affliction. Realistically, that is the best option.

Couture On Kurt Angle:

“I’m training hard and having fun. In July, I potentially could have a submission match with Kurt Angle. Some details need to be worked out.

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