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Manny Gamburyan Calls Out Nate Diaz

A few days ago, brought you an exclusive pre-fight interview with Manny Gamburyan. Manny was kind enough to also answer a couple of questions for us regarding his future after his big win over Jeff Cox. Who would you like to face next Manny?

Nate Diaz. He’s a good fighter, I’m a good fighter so definitely the whole world needs to see this fight. It’s gonna be either this year, next year, ten years from now…it has to happen. It’s not that we have to prove something but it’s a continuation and I promise you guys that I will continue where I left off [before the injury]. In my last fight against Diaz it was part of my plan just to dominate him and just go out there and whoop his ass. And what will be the result of that fight?

I’m gonna win it for sure. At the end my hand is gonna be raised. Whether it’s a TKO, or submission, decision…I’ll take anything.

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